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EpiCast #011: “Webfiction By Design”

EpiCast #011 - Webfiction By Design
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The latest EpiCast takes a look at the design and website features integral to every webfiction site. Hosts Kira and Michael sought input from readers to find out what attracts—or, worse, distracts—visitors who check out an author’s site.

First, however, we start by continuing to share some news items from the world of webserials, including some newcomers, an ending of a serial, and a Kickstarter campaign for a new graphic novel by a webserial author.

And then it’s time for our discussion topic. Most writers hope that great content stands on its own, but like it or not, appearance matters…and thanks to our audience responses, we have a list of Design Delights and Disasters that every webfiction writer will want to hear. What ranks highest on the list of “Likes” and “Dislikes”? Listen and find out… you might just be inspired to fix your site accordingly!

There are also a couple of questions at the end of the episode that we hope you’ll help answer by visiting the EpiGuide and taking part in the conversation. Join us and let us know your thoughts on these topics and this episode. And thanks as always to everyone who took part!

Episode Notes:

Recording date: This episode was recorded on April 7, 2013.


  • 00:00 - 01:24: Opening greetings and teasers for the episode ahead
  • 01:25 - 08:26: Webserial news
  • 08:27 - 46:29: Discussion: Design Delights and Disasters
  • 46:30 - 49:43: Podcast sponsors, questions for the audience, and closing pleasantries

(In case you’re wondering, the news intro song, “Good Morning Tucson,” is a bouncy number about a morning news anchor who’s so sick of the banality of his job that he sets fire to his studio. Yes, the awesome never stops with Jonathan Coulton!)

Many thanks to the special donors who helped make this podcast possible! Please see the sidebar for the list of Podcast sponsors.

Thanks & Invitation: Join in! We received a couple of questions at the end of the podcast, and we’d love to hear your opinions and ideas on those as well as the sites and design topics we covered in this episode. As always, keep an eye out over at the EpiGuide for a Call for Submissions where we’ll be asking for webserial recaps and news, listener questions, and topic ideas.

For full episode credits, links and details, visit epiguide.podbean.com, and to take part in the conversation at the EpiGuide, visit this episode’s official thread at the Eppy.

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EpiCast #006: “Crossing Over”

EpiCast #006 - Crossing Over
Download EpiCast #006

Welcome to the latest (in every way) EpiCast. For our sixth episode, “Crossing Over,” we focus on the usual web entertainment news and recaps, as well as answer a pair of interesting questions courtesy of our listeners. Topics range from your hosts’ promotional pet peeves to a bunch of new webseries launches to our advice on learning HTML to the merits, challenges and technical considerations of webserial crossovers — when two or more series exchange or share storylines and characters.

Episode Notes:

  • Sorry for the delay in posting the episode! Some technical issues were causing us great agita this time around. On the plus side, this is our longest episode yet; on the downside, this means the new deadline for submitting any news or recaps is only a week away (May 20th).
  • Michael also apologizes in advance for his bullfrog impression, but the poor dear was dealing with a cold, so excuse his increasingly hoarse voice throughout the ‘cast.
  • Finally, this episode is dedicated to the memory of Bart Kahn, one of Kira’s closest friends from elementary school through college and beyond, who passed away suddenly on April 21, 2012, at far, far too young an age. He is missed by all the people whose lives he touched with his humor, talent and support.

Recording date: This episode was recorded on April 24, 2012.

Episode timeline and links to sites mentioned can be found at http://epiguide.podbean.com: and the EpiGuide community. Enjoy!

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EpiCast #004: “Awards”

Download EpiCast #004

EpiCast #004 - Awards

Hey everyone. For our fourth EpiCast episode, we have the usual recaps, previews and new series introductions, as well as discussion on how much easier it is to read webfiction that’s been carefully edited. We answer a listener’s question about semi-controversial topic: Awards, and whether the EpiGuide will ever hold another award ceremony again–and also some chat about the pitfalls and benefits of awards in general. Finally, our co-hosts Kira and Michael also discuss some new developments in the ever-converging world of TV vs. video webseries, such as the new original programs appearing on Hulu and Netflix, share some new useful tools to help authors self-publish, and introduce you to new webserials and webseries.

To participate with your own webseries/webserial recaps, or to submit news for next month’s edition, please send the info to us by March 11 (for recaps) or March 17 (for news bulletins). The email address is mentioned in the podcast, or you can join the EpiGuide community and send a private message to either Kira or Michael.

Recording date: This episode was recorded February 19, 2012

For more info and links to all sites mentioned on the show, vist http://epiguide.podbean.com .

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Epicast #003 - Extras

Download EpiCast #003

EpiCast #003 - Extras

Hello all, and welcome to our first EpiCast of 2012. This is our third episode, #003: Extras., and we have the latest batch of recaps, some discussion about storylines that affected us during the past month, a few news items, and a rather extensive examination of the difference between self-created HTML sites and blog/CMS-based sites, and the related issue of ways to supplement one’s writing with extra features — what works, what’s not so great, and what our hosts (Michael and Kira, as usual) actually think is mandatory. Yep, we totally go there. (BTW, sorry for having to reblog this one last time. Our feed wasn’t updating so I’m trying this again.)

Recording date: This episode was recorded January 15, 2011.

For more info and links to all sites mentioned on the show, vist http://epiguide.podbean.com .

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